Branding + Logos


Branding concept for Sportskind; a multi-city intramural league organization serving young adults who love sports and seek to play them with their friends.

Texas Tribune

A collections of logos+brand work for The Texas Tribune. Everything from an illustrated sticker, to a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign, to an icon for The Texas Tribune Festival.


Branding concept for; an online marketplace specifically to buy and sell native + indigenous made goods. The name comes from the polished shells used by many Native American groups as currency.

Good News

Logo for Good News, a non-profit organization that pairs volunteers with elderly people who need help getting to their doctors appointments.

Rocket Pharmacy

Branding concept for Rocket Pharmacy; a tele-health company where you can see a doctor and get a prescription delivered to your front door, all from your smart phone.

Common Skin

Branding concept for a skin-care company who's vision was to create skin-care for all humans; all ages, all genders, all people have common skin.

Mama Betty's

Brand Concept for Mama Betty's, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin. Owner was inspired by and named the establishment after his mother, Betty.

Bonsai Asian Tacos

Bonsai Asian Tacos is a branding concept for an asian-latin fusion taco truck serving asian inspired taco trucks. I developed a logo and subsequent ad campaign based around haikus written about a love for tacos.

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