Electric Fetus Records currently only operates out of a physical retail store. In the age of music streaming and online shopping, EFR requires a comprehensive brand identity that includes an online retail store to buy and sell vinyl records as well as diversifying their market through writing music reviews.


PERSONA ONE: The Young Enthusiast
Name: Jamison
Occupation: Barista (Aspiring Musician)
Age: 25-30
About: Jamison is already interested in music and wants to grow his knowledge of the new and best music as well as classic and influential music. He is new collector of vinyl but loves to add to his collection. He recently graduated from school and is still working as a barista and spends much of his free time on his personal music. His consumption of music is a hybrid of online and traditional listening.

PERSONA TWO: The Collector
Name: Craig
Occupation: High School Music Teacher
Age: 45-55
About: Craig is an older gentleman and music enthusiast of the rock and roll he grew up with. He is an avid vinyl collector and does not interact with music online. He is a former member of a rock band and highly values live music. If live music is not available, he goes for the next best thing, an original pressing of his favorite band. He is a dad and wishes to connect to his children through his deep love for music.

PERSONA THREE: School of Rock
Name: Jayla 
Occupation: Student
Age: 18-25 
About: Jayla is young and in school. She is extremely interested in fashion, art, the environment, and most importantly music. She loves listening to music online but is looking to experience the joy of collecting and listening to vinyl records. She is interested in reading about music and sharing it with her friends online. Loves festivals and the fashion and feel of live music experiences.